KnowLang is a formal language, originally developed by Emil Vassev as part of an initiative undertaken by Lero – the Irish Software Research Center within the Lero’s mandate in the ASCENS  FP7 Project (


KnowLang is a framework for KR&R that aims at efficient and comprehensive knowledge structuring and awareness based on logical and statistical reasoning. It helps us to tackle:

  1. explicit representation of domain concepts and relationships;
  2. explicit representation of particular and general factual knowledge, in terms of predicates, names, connectives, quantifiers and identity;
  3. uncertain knowledge in which additive probabilities are used to represent degrees of belief.

Other remarkable features are related to knowledge cleaning (allowing for efficient reasoning) and knowledge representation for autonomic self-adaptive behavior. Knowledge specified with KnowLang takes the form of a Knowledge Base (KB) that outlines a KR context. A special KnowLang Reasoner operates in this context to allow for knowledge querying and update. In addition, the reasoner can infer special self-adaptive behavior.


KnowLang User Guide