The KnowLang Toolset provides a suitable development environment for knowledge representation (KR) where we can write KR specifications in the KnowLang notation by using both text editing and visual modeling tools and check for the syntactical integrity and consistency of the KR models. The KnowLang Toolset organizes its tools in five distinct components (or modules) such as KnowLang Editor (combines both the Text Editor and Visual Editor), Grammar Compiler, KnowLang Parser, Consistency Checker and KB Compiler. These components are linked together to form a special KnowLang Specification Processor that checks and compiles the KR models specified in KnowLang into KnowLang Binary.

The KnowLang Binary is the output of the KnowLang Toolset and it is practically a compiled form of the specified KB (Knowledge Base), which is operated by the KnowLang Reasoner. Note that the KnowLang Reasoner is a distinct KnowLang component intended to be integrated within the systems using knowledge representation with KnowLang, but it also can be integrated in the KnowLang Toolset where it can be used for testing and behavior analysis.