1. D31: Software Requirements, Knowledge Modeling and Knowledge Representation for Self-Awareness – Report and Survey with Experimental Results for Intelligent Multi-agent Systems
  2. D32: The KnowLang Framework for Knowledge Modeling for SCE
  3. D33: Knowledge Modeling for ASCENS Case Studies and KnowLang Implementation
  4. D34: Knowledge Representation and Awareness with KnowLang


  1. KnowLang Report 1: Operational Semantics for KnowLang ASK and TELL Operators
  2. KnowLang Report 2: KnowLang Grammar in BNF


  • KnowLang Toolset: working copy. The KnowLang Toolset is currently under development.
  • KnowLang Reasoner: working copy. The KnowLang Reasoner is currently under development.